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Shrek the Musical

May 30, 31 and June 1
Moore Theatre

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BBHS Improv Team

Come and join us for a competitive IMPROV meet against Holy Names High School on Tuesday January 28th at 6:15PM in our very own Marge Bradburn Studio Theatre.


                 BISHOP BLANCHET DRAMA                                                

Winner of The Top High School Theatre Award in the Northwest. We are happy to announce this Top High School Theatre Award that was awarded to us by Stage Directions Magazine in 2008 for our continued professional training program in theatre.

Our technical theatre program, sequential acting program and our high standards in performance were recognized by this outstanding international theatre publication.

BBHS Drama

Bishop Blanchet High School offers many exciting drama and theatre choices to students. Our program includes Beginning Acting, Intermediate Acting and  2 Advanced classes in the art of acting. Our Acting classes offer up to date professional acting techniques rarely taught in a high school setting. We also offer classes in Theatre Set Design, Sound and Lighting Design and Technical Theatre. We have many professionals who teach theatre arts, from improvisation to set design, costumes , makeup and hair, and sound and lighting. Our acting and technical theatre students leave BBHS with a confident attitude that they are prepared to compete successfully with other theatre artists. Our students have the ability to audition with confidence and are prepared to continue their education in theatre with a level of professionalism that is unmatched. .

Our facilities include: A beautiful studio theater that seats up to 180. The theatre includes a sound and lighting booth which is fully equipped with state of the art sound and lighting instruments. A fully equipped set shop where we teach students how to build sets for all of our productions, a costume workshop where we teach student how to build all of our costumes (up to 350 per show), a costume storage facility that houses over 4,000 costume pieces, a green room/makeup and dressing room and a drama office.

This year our performance calendar includes: A Fall Play, One Act Play Festival, a Spring Musical, and an Improvisation team.

We offer opportunities that will foster and deepen students' education in the theatre. It is our belief that educating the whole person should include an understanding and appreciation of the arts. With this in mind, Bishop Blanchet High School is proud to participate in the fostering of such an ideal.

-Maureen Mershon- aka MO
Drama Director
Performing and Visual Arts Chair

-Brennan Murphy

Drama Instructor

- Corey Eriksen
Technical Theatre Director

Fun at Rehearsal!



Drama Classes

Acting Classes

Instructors: Maureen Mershon and Brennan Murphy

 Beginning Acting

A semester class, Beginning Acting, is open to all students fall and spring semester. Beginning acting class includes the study of: basic stage language, focus exercises, pantomime, improvisation, and beginning character study and scene analysis. Emphasis on the extensive study of action as the key word is fully explored. Theatre exercises and physical action concepts will be taught and applied to all work in class. It is a credit class.


Intermediate Acting

A semester class, Intermediate Acting is open to all students fall and spring semester that has completed Beginning Acting or must have instructor’s approval. Intermediate Acting class is a one -semester class that focuses on the continual building blocks of active acting.

Included in this study will be character work and intensive scene study to further the actor’s growth.

Emotional breathing (Rasa Boxes) will be explored. In working in the Rasa Boxes young actors explore emotional truth in acting by discovering physical actions/reactions through specific breathing techniques.

It is a credit class.


Advanced Theatre Acting

Advanced Theatre Acting class is a one-semester class, which culminates in the One-Act Festival in January.

Building on the techniques and lessons learned in beginning and intermediate acting advanced acting will focus on character work and scene/monologue work to further the student’s growth as actors. The memorization of scenes/monologues is required.

 Intent, strategies, tactics, and motivational behavior will be explored by playing out active exercises and scenes. Techniques and concepts learned through exercise and scene work will be applied to the students final monologue work.

Advanced Acting is a one-semester class open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The instructor must sign you into the class and you must take Beginning Acting and Intermediate Acting to sign up for Advanced Acting. The class culminates in the One Act Play Festival. It is a credit class.


Advanced Acting Techniques

Advanced acting Techniques is a one semester credit class which will explore the Meisner Technique and the physical acting technique of Viewpoints. The goal of the Meisner technique is : “To live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.” Viewpoints  is a technique of composition that provides a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture. Both techniques will bring the actor closer to truthfulness and “doing” while being in the moment. Students will need to be prepared to do very physical movement.


Technical Theatre Classes


Instructor: Corey Eriksen


Theatrical Design I: Lighting and Sound Design

This course is designed to initiate students into the technical side of theatre.  We will discuss basic anatomy of lighting systems as well as design elements, effects, and sound design in theatre.  The class will also hang and focus all of the lighting for the fall play as well as the One-Act festival. It is the goal of this course that students come away with knowledge about how lighting and sound help bring life to a performance and how these technologies are used in theatre.


Theatrical Design II: Scenic Design

               This course is designed to introduce students to the arts and crafts of scenic design for the stage.  Students will complete this course with the basic skills necessary to design scenery for a production and have a thorough starting point for a higher education in the theatre.  The goals of this course are:

           1)        An introduction to the design skills of drawing, drafting and linear perspective.

               2)        The ability to find visual research to support the creative process.

               3)        An understanding of visual elements of design and composition.

               4)        The ability to analyze a script for scene design.

               5)        Guiding the student towards the development of a personal creative process that allows for effective and connected design.


Advanced Theatre Production

The primary purpose of this course is to acquaint students with an overview of the process of producing a play in order to facilitate in the production of the student-directed One-Acts.  The students will learn about the different members of the production staff and the roles they play in producing a play, how a concept is formed and how the concept affects all aspects of a production, how a designer creates his or her design, and how a production takes the final steps to reach the stage.  At the end of this course the students will have produced three complete plays from script to strike on their own.



Extracurricular Activities 


IMPROV TEAM - (Fall Semester) Audition is required for this competitive team. Open to all students.

SHAKESPEARE WORKSHOP- (November-March) Open to all students.

FALL PLAY- Auditions in September. Production is in November. Casting is open to all.

ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL- Production in mid January. Advanced Theatre Class produces, directs, techs and acts in the shows. Sometimes there is need of students from outside of the class to tech and or act in these productions. Auditions/interviews will be held if necessary.

SPRING MUSICAL- Auditions in December. Rehearsals begin in late January. Production in April. Casting is open to all.

THE INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY- (Year round). Open to students who have lettered and earned the appropriate Thespian points. (You can letter in Drama and be eligible to join the International Thespian Society after acquiring points from participation in BBHS productions.)


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